Chico Sonido’s 3Ball Fader Mix

By 25 November, 2011

Sounds and Colours has always prided itself on being one of the finest purveyors of alternative South American music and culture, ignoring the noises coming from the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico. Well, sometimes we make a concession when there is something which just seems like y’all should now about. So, this is a mix of 3Ball from Monterrey’s Tribal Guarachero scene, and is an absolute banger from Chico Sonido.

Chico Sonido put this mix together in 2010, especially for The Fader magazine. It is a document of the nascent Tribal Guarachero scene in Monterrey, Mexico, heavily featuring the 3Ball MTY Crew, which consists of three young guys Erick Rincon, Sheeqo Beat and DJ Otto, with a combined age of 52 years. The name 3Ball is an approximation of tribal (and a reference to it’s triplet rhythm) and the MTY comes from Monterrey.

The sound these guys make has been dubbed tribal guarachero, owing to it’s link to tribal house music and to the Cuban guaracha style, though in truth it has little to do with this style. The music is all electronic and defined by it’s use of a triplet rhythm, which makes the music seem slower than it actually is. It has been championed by Toy Selectah and is slowly getting more and more attention, largely part to the increased use of guest vocalists and rappers, taking the sound up a level.

One of our collaborators, Glyn Griffiths (from Jelly Jazz) tipped us off on this new phenomenom and we thought it was definitely worth sharing.

You can download Chico Sonido’s 3Ball Fader Mix from

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