Fabricio D. Vyzor – Retrato Sonoro (London Archive) Part One

By 14 March, 2011

It’s always a special day when we get sent a mix by Fabricio D. Vyzor, a day to widen our musical horizons that little by further. Today that means discovering some of the Brazilian sounds happening in London, in the first of five mixtapes that will be highlighting some of the great Latin American talents in England’s capital. In Fabricio’s own words: “Retrato Sonoro is about some great Brazilian Musicians i met in London.”The tracklisting for this one is as follows:

  1. Chico Chagas – Um Chopin no Bach ouvindo um forro (www.myspace.com/chicochagas)
  2. Marcelo Andrade – Voo livre (www.myspace.com/marcelomusicman)
  3. Menino Josue – Moleque (www.myspace.com/liquidificador)
  4. Anselmo Netto – Baiao Diversity (www.myspace.com/anselmonetto)
  5. Felipe Karam – Caracol (www.myspace.com/felipekaram)

Download This mix is no longer available

Previous mixtapes on Sounds and Colours by D. Vyzor include this little psychedelic gem called Brazilian Cosmic Dust and another highlighting some absolute classic Brazilian cuts named Brasil e Ponto. They are both very much worth a look!

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