Will Eede’s Khuyay Mixtape

By 07 June, 2012

Khuyay is an inspired new mixtape from Canadian Will Eede, going to places that you never thought Latin American music would travel. This is pure Andean flow, as mellow as you like, showing a side of South America that rarely gets touched by modern producers.

Eede belongs to the Wepa! tropical bass collective in Canada. Here is what he has to say about the mix: “Khuyay quiere decir amor en quechua y el set lo hice pensando en sonidos que transmitiesen esa sensacion”, which is to say that “Khuyay means love in quechua and when I made the mix I was thinking of the sounds that transmit this sensation.”

The mix features tracks by Les Globe, H.D.L.T, Bigote, El Buho, Orquesta, Lao, Tones, El Barba, El Guero Unico, The Peronists, Gameboy, Rafilralfiro, Los Reyes De La Milanga, Tu Guaina, Self Evident, Lido Pimienta, Animal Travel, Tonolec, Wau, Cherman and Searchl1te.

In the words of Caballito who released the mix: “Disfruta del dub del altiplano chamanico y lisergico!”

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