Dominican Republic

REVIEW ‘Bantú Mama’ And The Power Of The Chosen Family

By Fernando G. Herrero 16 October, 2021

Emma is a French-Cameroonian flight attendant who gets caught by the police when she tries to smuggle drugs on a flight from France to the Dominican Republic. She escapes the police car, and still handcuffed, is picked up... Read Article

REVIEW Jeffrey

By 16 April, 2018

Jeffrey (2016) is a docudrama from Dominican filmmaker Yanillys Perez, following a young boy who cleans car windscreens in the busy traffic jams of Santo Domingo and dreams of becoming a reggaeton singer like one of his nine... Read Article

Rita Indiana – La Mucama de Omicunlé

By 10 April, 2018

“Do I have two bodies or does my mind have the capacity to transmit life in two different channels simultaneously?” (p. 110, my translation) Time-travelling, African-Caribbean traditions, house music, political corruption, Catholics-turned-terrorists, contemporary art, gender identity, prostitution and... Read Article

The Duke of Bachata Returns to NYC

By 05 October, 2017

Joan Soriano, a “roots bachatero” known as the ‘Duke of Bachata’ plays a free performance at Lincoln Center’s David Rubenstein Atrium on Thursday, the 5th of October. Born in the rural countryside near Santo Domingo in the Dominican... Read Article