Victor Jara

10 Chilean Protest Songs

By 10 June, 2015

Winter in the Southern Hemisphere is the time of the year when Chile awakens to popular uprisings, with university occupations and student protests common through these coming months. Gaining worldwide recognition in 2011, the Chilean student movement has never stopped.... Read Article

Ana Tijoux’s Top Ten Songs of Protest

By 21 April, 2015

The songs of Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux are more than just that. They are weapons of equality, defiance and peace. Tracks like “1977”, “Shock”, and more recently, “Somos Sur” and “Antipatriarca”, have become songs of protest and revolution,... Read Article

REVIEW Manuel Garcia – Retrato Iluminado

By 16 December, 2014

Manuel García is an artist that has never shied away from change. In his first album, Pánico, the young troubadour drew comparisons to the legendary Chilean Víctor Jara and to the father of Nueva Trova Silvío Rodriguez. García’s... Read Article

REVIEW Ani Cordero – Recordar

By 30 April, 2014

Recordar, to remember, is a bold statement. In a period, which has lost and is continuously losing its tutelary deities, with no replacements appearing on the horizon, to recall and reinterpret the meaningful voices of South American nueva... Read Article