A Picture of the Rio de Janeiro Hardcore and Punk Rock Scene

By 20 February, 2014

At first glance, the hardcore and punk rock scene (yes, it’s a binomial here) in Rio de Janeiro seem shy and amateurish, and at a second glance, you can confirm this prerogative. Ok, despite the difficulties and an old omen affirming that the city is “the grave of rock ‘n’ roll” just because the rock scene isn’t as big or structured as it is in São Paulo, the truth is that it has its own charm and importance as part of the Brazilian scene. It’s as sui generis as the city.

Another important thing to remember is that the distance between Rock In Rio and the actual rock in Rio is abyssal. There’s very little movement in the “midstream”, the emerging bands between the underground and the mainstream (as being in a band starts to become a job). The only sparks of life in organizing and updating the way of making shows, events and festivals, to create a better dialogue between the band, the public and the organizers were abandoned or failed miserably. Since the early 90s, everything happens in a spontaneous way that is difficult to trace or even to create a list containing all the good places where the movement manifests itself, but the Center (specially Lapa), the North Zone (Tijuca and Méier), the West Zone (Bangu and Realengo) and the North Zone (Cascadura) are still the main places for rockers who want enjoy the true DIY rock.

So many good bands have been and gone without even leaving a link to download a single track on the internet, but groups like Jason, Autoramas, Uzômi, Confronto, Cervical, Halé, Filhotes, Cara de Porco, Diabo Verde, Crime Passional, Plastic Fire, Matanza, P.R.O.L., Macacos Me Mordam, Mau Presságio, Honor Ferox, HCOfTheShock, Catillinárias and crews like Liga Hardcore RJ and Z.O.R.B. (Zona Oeste Rude Boys) still maintaining alive the flame of hardcore and punk rock in the city that mixes the spirit of a small town (where everyone knows everyone, at least, by sight) with the speed of a metropolis.

During our journey here on this blog through the Rio de Janeiro underground scene, more bands, places, people, stories and curiosities will be presented. Meanwhile, you can see all the places where the underground rock scene happens in the city via this free editable list made by me on foursquare: pt.foursquare.com/_puppet/list/quem-t%C3%A1-no-rock.

You are welcome to come and join us! It’s more than an invitation: it’s a recruitment.

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