Afro-Samba Gets A Refit On New Metá-Metá Album

By 23 November, 2012

We got very excited about the self-titled debut album from Metá-Metá, a Brazilian group in love with Afro-Samba, candomblé and fusing these influences with their own musical ideas. That debut largely stuck to the simpler refrains of Afro-Samba (well as simple as Afro-Samba can get). On their new album MetaL MetaL they look to take that sound on a new journey into afrobeat and experimental jazz.

On their debut, Metá-Metá were just a trio: Kiko Dinucci (guitar/vocals), Juçara Marçal (vocals) and Thiago França (saxophone). On this latest release they add Marcelo Cabral(bass), Sergio Machado (drums) and Samba Sam (percussion) to the line-up. Individually they are some of the most interesting artists working in Brazil – many will know Cabral, Dinucci and França from their recent work with Criolo. Collectively, something really special happens between these musicians, something which we will go into more depth about in our forthcoming review. For now we recommend you simply listen to the music, which is available for free download (see the link below).

Their debut album was one of our favourite albums of 2011. I think it’s fair to say MetaL MetaL could follow in the same direction.

MetaL MetaL is available for free download at

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