Alicia Delgado and the Story of the Huayno Murders

By 19 October, 2011

An interesting video and article cropped up on VICE recently looking at the murder of a number of Peruvian singers, including Alicia Delgado.

The video looks in depth at the murder of Alicia Delgado, one of the most popular singers of Peru’s Huayno style of folkloric music. Details of Alicia’s life prior to her death as well as the unsolved nature of the case have caused the murder to become one of the biggest scandals in recent Peruvian history. Interestingly, the documentary looks at killings that occurred in the Bagua province at the same time, and which had a greater political resonance, was one of the reasons that the Peruvian media decided to focus on Alicia Delgado’s murder, a cover-up essentially.

Here’s the full 30-minute video:

You can read the article, looking at new Huayno sensation Dina Paucar here:

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