April Fools Special: Download Karina Buhr’s Eu Menti Pra Voce album for free!

By 01 April, 2011

With 1st April comes April Fool’s Day and 24 hours of practical jokes and ridiculously-convoluted attempts at fooling people. In Latin America this day is known as Dia da Mentira (Day of Lies) which carries with it one very fortunate quality, being as it shares part of its name with Eu Mentí Pra Voce, the debut album from Karina Buhr, and one of our favourite albums of 2010. With great coincidences come great things, and this means that just for one day you can download Eu Mentí Pra Voce absolutely free, complete with artwork, lyrics and tabs. And I’m not even joking!


Here’s a little quote from our short review of the album last year:

Much of the allure of these songs lie in the wordcraft of Karina, the images she projects with them, and her expertly dry delivery. Combined with some of Brazil’s most outstanding musicians, such as Fernando Catatau and Edgard Scandurra, all 13 songs on this album drip with style, humour and life. Opening track “Eu Mentí Pra Voce” is a perfectly judged riposte to a lover, seemingly oblivious of the obvious failings of lieing to your loved one, its tense arrangement with minimal drums, horn stabs and succinct guitar work perfectly.

1. Eu Menti Pra Você
2. Vira Pó
3. Avião Aeroporto
4. Nassiria e Najaf
5. O Pé
6. Ciranda do Incentivo
7. Telekphonen
8. Mira Ira
9. Soldat
10. Esperança Cansa
11. Solo de Agua Fervente
12. Bem Vindas
13. Plástico Bolha


And the lyrics for “Eu Mentí Pra Voce,” without which this free download just would not have been possible!

Eu Menti Pra Você
Karina Buhr

Eu sou uma pessoa má
Eu menti pra você
Eu sou uma pessoa má
Eu menti pra você
Você não podia esperar ouvir uma mentira de mim
que pena, não sou o que você quer de mim

Se você tiver que escolher entre você e o seu amor
você escolhe quem, você escolhe quem?
Se você tiver que escolher entre você e o seu amor
Your love, your love, your love

Talvez o tempo possa me livrar da culpa
que eu não sei se vem de mim ou da cruz de Jesus
Mas eu tenho ainda um grande amor pra te dar
Quero saber se você aceita ele como for
My love is your love

And watch out for our interview with Karina which will be coming out in just a few weeks!

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