Argentina, Chile and Uruguay Among Top 10 Ethical Destinations in the Developing World

By 11 January, 2012

Each year Ethical Traveler choose 10 countries from the developing world which it feels have made serious accomplishments in the areas of environmental protection, social welfare and human rights. This year, out of 30 shortlisted finalists, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay were chosen in the 2012 list of The Developing World’s 10 Best Ethical Destinations.

Here’s the full list of winners (in no particular order):

The Bahamas
Costa Rica

Of particular interest from the report is this quote from Jeff Greenwald, director of Ethical Traveler: “One thing that was interesting this year – and unfortunate – was that some otherwise excellent countries in Latin America and Africa didn’t make the list because of their draconian anti-gay laws.”

He goes on to say that “the steady trend we’re seeing toward green practices and support for sustainable tourism – by governments and travelers alike – is a fantastic development, and shows a real coming-of-age in the international tourism community.”

Every year Ethical Traveler conducts a study of developing nations, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. The research team first identifies the best tourism destinations in the developing world. Then, using publicly available data, countries are rated in the areas of environmental protection, social welfare, and human rights. You can find out more about about the awards at

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