Brazilian and Argentine Productions To Feature in LIFT 2014

By 21 May, 2014

LIFT is one of our favourite London festivals, a biennial celebration of contemporary theatre from around the world that always exceeds expectations, and this year looks like being no different.

This year’s line-up (which can be seen in full here) features productions from two of Brazil’s finest theatre directors.

Bruno Beltrão’s CRACKz (3-4 June) promises to “reinvent hip-hop dance for the digital generation”. Beltrão is well-known in Brazil due to his Grupo da Rua group who continually push the boundaries of what we know as “street dance”. For this performance Beltrão asked his dancers to scour the Internet for new moves, gestures and routines. The result promises to be an eye-opener into how digital information continually influences us. Watch the trailer for CRACKz below:

Turfed (9-21 June) is another production by a Brazilian, this time by Renato Rocha. Rocha is involved with the Street World Cup in Brazil – a parallel event to the normal World Cup – and this production continues that theme. Young artists, who have all experienced homelessness in some capacity will use spoken word, choreography and visuals to bring to light the global issue of homelessness, using a renovated hanger of Hackney Downs Studios as the platform. See the preview below:

The final South American production is by Argentine artists Lola Arias and will form part of a 6-day event within the festival called After A War. Arias’ production, El Año En Que Nací (The Year I Was Born, 24 – 26 June), will take 11 performers, all of whom were born in Pinochet’s Chile in the 70s and early 80s, and ask them to tell the stories of their parents. Using props and devices, the performance aims to be playful and political, offering an incite into what it is to be Chilean and how the war still impacts the country’s people.

More information about all of the productions at LIFT 2014 can be found at

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