Brazilian Artists Cover Tracks off Nirvana’s Nevermind

By 30 September, 2011

It seems like everyone’s going a little Nirvana crazy at the moment, so we thought we’d join in too. The recent interest in Nirvana has been stirred by the reissue of their landmark Nevermind album and many Brazilian artists have felt the need to cover tracks off this album in tribute. Here are some selections from Thiago Pethit, R. Sigma, Vespas Mandarinas and O Jardim Das Horaas.

Thiago Pethit “Come As You Are”
[soundcloud url=””]

R. Sigma “Something In The Way”
[soundcloud url=””]

Vespas Mandarinas “Lounge Act”
[soundcloud url=””]

O Jardim Das Horas “Something In The Way”
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