Colombian Film Panorama Brings Best of New Colombian Cinema to London

By 25 May, 2014

Over four days in June, the Colombian Film Panorama (CFP) will bring the best in recent Colombian cinema to venues across the capital. Collaborating with El Perro Que Ladra, a Paris-based collective dedicated to the promotion of Colombian cinema, the CFB’s London Panorama will be part of a touring film festival also gracing venues in Paris and Barcelona this summer.

During the London leg (running between June 5th and 8th), the event will showcase a host of independent Colombian documentaries and feature-films (including Q&A sessions with the films’ directors) while a special short-films programme has also been announced.

As of yet, details of four documentaries to be screened at the Panorama have been revealed, with the other feature films and screenings to be shown at the CFP to be announced in the following weeks.

Priscila Padilla’s intriguing documentary La Eterna Noche De La 12 Lunas (The Eternal Night of the Twelve Moons) considers the role of ancient customs in the modern world, following a twelve-year-old girl who, after having begun menstruating, decides to spend a year secluded in a simple hut on the Guajira Peninsula in accordance with the deep-rooted traditions of the indigenous Wayuu.

Meanwhile, Camilo Botero’s La Gorgona, Historias Fugadas (Gorgona: Stories on the Run) centres on the incredible stories of inmates who, between 1960 and 1985, tried to flee from a prison on the paradisiacal island of Gorgona in the Colombian Pacific. With numerous attempts yet only one escape, this documentary ponders twenty-five years of life in an isolated Colombian prison.

Patricia Ayala Ruiz’s Don Ca (Mr. Ca) instead follows the life of Mr. Ca, a man who decided to turn his life into a libertarian manifesto in which desiring little is the key to happiness. A rich and complex character who defies classification, this documentary feature focuses on Don Ca’s experience in, and influence on, Guapi, a forgotten municipality in the Colombian Pacific. Along the journey, the film debates the complex concept of liberty and the impossibility of knowing whether the paths you have followed in life were the correct ones.

Finally, Inés, Recuerdos De Una Vida (Inés, Memories of a Lifetime) centres on the hidden history of one woman who, after passing away, leaves behind notebooks which document a troubled family-life she painstakingly sheltered from her daughters. Narrated in first-person by Luisa Sossa, one of her great-granddaughters, the documentary seeks to explain why each family harbours shameful secrets and how, by being hidden, such unsavoury truths may unwillingly be carried over from one generation to the next.

With a wide-range of exciting new films hailing from Colombia gracing the capital this summer, the Colombian Film Panorama promises to be an exciting platform for up-and-coming Colombian film-makers.

For more information on the event, and the films to be screened from the 5 to the 8 of June, visit the CFP website here or Facebook page here.

Watch the trailer for La Eterna Noche De La 12 Lunas below:

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