Help Fund ‘Voices of Latin America’, The New Book from Latin America Bureau

By 08 May, 2017

The fine people behind the Latin America Bureau are putting together a book and website that will aim to bring the real voices of Latin America to light, and are looking for some help to raise the costs involved. In their own words:

Voices of Latin America will be a book sharing the stories and amplifying the voices of frontline campaigners. Our team of 16 volunteers has collected over 60 interviews from 13 different countries. Voices is more than a book though. We want to build a website where voices can be shared into the future and where you can connect with the people in Latin America who believe other worlds are possible.

The Latin America Bureau has for a long time been a vital tool for sharing news of the struggles that many people in Latin America face, of discrimination and inequality, and the grassroots movements that have been set up to counter these challenges, as well as the culture that goes hand in hand with these fights.

Voices of Latin America will bring together many of these stories, these voices of resistance. With successful funding the book will be published in March 2018.

To help LAB reach their goal, or to find out more about the campaign, go to

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