Jungle Drums bring the music to the people with a series of live gigs in London

By 26 June, 2010

Although the first of these gigs has passed (we were a little bit slow on getting on to this one!) we just wanted to tell you about some of the other totally free, totally amazing gigs Jungle Drums are putting on over the summer.

Anyone in London who has some interest in Brazil should know Jungle Drums by now. They are a lively bunch putting on all kinds of Brazilian shenanigans, including the hugely-successful Maria Rita gig last month. Over the summer they are putting on a celebration for each of Brazil’s World Cup games, which will hopefully reach to the final, as well as these very intriguing-looking live concerts at Camino, a latin-music hub within the bounds of King’s Cross.

Maracatudo Mafuá
25th July
Afro-Brazilian troop of dancers and drummers from Pernambuco; followed by DJ D.Vyzor’s funky Brazilian beats

Molotov Jukebox
15th August
A harmonic cacophony of old school ska, gypsy dance and British house; followed by DJ Ed Sfx’s dance floor mashups.

Heather McClell
19th September
Brazillian-infused sultry vocals, folk trip-hop fusion and bossa nova; followed by DJ Tommy Digital’s Latin fever

Camino, 3 Varnishers Yard, Kings Cross – N1 9FD
camino.uk.com • 020 7841 7331

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