Latino Resiste Presents Root-A-Pacifica

By 03 April, 2012

Música Pacifica is officially on the rise. The sound of Colombia’s Pacific coast is gaining new fans around the world with the global bass community trying their hand at the style. Their contributions, as well as those from new artists within Colombia, make up this new compilation from Latino Resiste entitled Root-A-Pacifica

Recent years have seen the electronic cumbia buzz die a little within global bass circles, only to be replaced by new sounds from Colombia’s Pacific coast. While cumbia was a distinct product of the Atlantic coast of Colombia and an equal mix of African, indigenous and Spanish influences, música pacifica is a little different. It also has African roots but it grew up in a different environment, more isolated than cumbia, and this has resulted in a rawer, more lineal sound that has far more common with traditional African music.

In truth, Música Pacifica covers a wide range of styles along the Pacific coast of Colombia, spreading from Cali to small towns such as Buenaventura, Guapi, Charambira and Timbiqui, many of which can only be reached by boat or plane. These styles include chirimia, paseo, juga, arrurumba and bambuco, though currulao has become the most popular of these. This is the sound of marimba, vocals and drums and can be heard on the compilation in the shape of the many tracks by Grupo Socavon that have been remixed.

Across 26 tracks Root-A-Pacifica is an amazing document of the música pacifica scene within Colombia as well as the ways in which DJs and producers around the world are taking the style in new directions. With names like Herencia de Timbiqui, Pernett, Uproot Andy, Bleepolar and Explósion Negra this is a compilation that really couldn’t fail.

Download Root-A-Pacifica

1. Caballo & the Mothafu Kings – Root a Pacifica (Intro)
2. Bleepolar – Marimba
3. Voodoo Souljah’s Ft. Goyo (Choc Quib Town) – Hija de Zion (Remix)
4. Gualajo – Patacore (Super Chamán Remix)
5. Vía Rústica – Lejos De Ser Real
6. Radio Rebelde Soundsystem – Los Perritos
7. Grupo Naidy – El Botellon (Uproot Andy Remix)
8. Grupo Socavon – Homenaje a Justino (Mosca Verde Remix)
9. Grupo Socavon – La Marimba de Socavón (Krak in Dub Remix)
10. Cynthia Montaño – Amor en Compraventa (Remix) Feat. Alexis Play
11. Pulenta – Maquerule
12. Afrotumbao – Oyaimelo
13. Sr. Mendez – Rosa Tulia (feat. MkC & Radio Rebelde)
14. Grupo Socavon – La Cumbia del Justino (Andrés Digital RMX)
15. Pernett – La Rumba Bacana I (Currulao ft. Candelario)
16. The Rap Folklord – Currulao Urbano
17. Zalama Crew – ContraCorriente
18. Explosión Negra – Bailalo Pues
19. La Revuelta – Cocorocó DJ Panko Remix
20. Grupo Socavon – Homenaje a Justino (RKTKT’s Dark Roast)
21. Mama Julia y Los Sonidos Ambulantes – Escobas Trapeadores
22. La Mojarra Electrica – Nunca Me Miras
23. Ancestros – La Choca
24. Herencia de Timbiqui – Y Que
25. Gualajo en Dub – Mamita Oh! (Pumaruna Soundsystema)
26. Caballo & Mothafu Kings – Root a Pacifica (Outro)

You can read more about the project at and, with the first of those links including lots of exclusive videos and comments from the people behind the compilation.

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