Lucas Santtana Remix Album Is Released & Available to Download For Free

By 23 July, 2012

Lucas Santtana‘s UK debut Sem Nostalgia has been given the remix treatment and is now available in the UK. Featuring remixes by the likes of Mauricio Takara, Deerhoof’s John Dieterich, A.J. Holmes, DJ iZem, El Buho and João Brasil, and titled Remix Nostalgia, it’s out now on Mais Um Discos.

Full tracklisting for the new album are below.

1. Cira, Regina e Nana (M. Takara 3 Remix)
2. Night-Time in the Backyard (Deerhoof John Dieterich Remix)
3. Cá Pra Nós (Burnt Friedman Remix)
4. Super Violão Mashup (Lucas Santtana’s Monome Remix)
5. Who Can Say Which Way (Joao Brasil’s Baile Funk Montage)
6. Cira, Regina e Nana (A JD Twitch Optimo Mix)
7. Super Violão Mashup (R. Brandão & Embolex Remix)
8. Hold Me in (DJ iZem Remix)
9. Cá Pra Nós (El Buho Remix)
10. Amor Em Jacumã (feat. Mariana Rabello Pinho) [A.J. Holmes Remix]
11. Cira, Regina e Nana (Stuttgart Version)
12. Recado para Pio Lobato (Agnya, H-Tenza & Phiorio Remix)
13. Cira, Regina e Nana (BaBa ZuLa Remix)

You can download Remix Nostalgia for free from

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