Masstropicas look to Kickstarter to make new Peruvian Cumbia album a reality

By 03 December, 2010

Mike P at Masstropicas has been doing a pretty good job of getting out the word on Peruvian Cumbia lately. His last release Ranil’s Jungle Party was a rough and ready collection of what makes the genre so exciting. In order to make a new release with some of Peruvian Cumbia’s new bands, Masstropicas are joining up with to record and document a recording in the heart of the Amazonian jungle. To do this they are using the magic of Kickstarter to raise the funds. Here’s Mike to describe this in more detail:

Masstropicas and is looking to raise $3,500.00 by December 23rd to make a trip to the Ucayali River in the Peruvian Jungle to meet and record bands. We have the dates set and everything with the bands settled as well. This money is to just produce a recording and pay the bands, we will most likely record three bands and produce a 7″, LP and 12″ EP from all the recordings and masstropicas will share any profits made from the vinyl with the bands. Your money will simply go towards plain tickets from Lima to the Jungle, equipment for the bands, payment to the bands for recording, travel fair to go up and down the Ucayali River and film for so they can document on camera what happens.

And here’s the enticer:

This threatens to be a seriously good project, featuring some fine Peruvian musicians who rarely get the attention they deserve.

If you would like to find out more about the campaign or pledge some fund please click here.

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