MoMa’s Documentary Fortnight Features Films From Argentina

By 10 February, 2012

The 11th annual MoMa Documentary Fortnight, a festival of international non-fiction media, will run February 16-28 in New York City. The festival will feature over 30 feature-length and short documentaries, including two films from Argentina. Most of the screenings during the two-week event are premieres, and filmmakers will be present to answer questions from the audience. Documentary Fortnight’s programming also includes a retrospective of three decades of media activism by Paper Tiger Television, as well as a seminar on new methods in documentary filmmaking.

Check out MoMa’s synopses of the two Argentinean films:

Argentinian Lesson 

2011. Poland/Argentina. Directed by Wojciech Staroń. Janek, a young Polish boy, is thrust into an unknown world when his family moves to Argentina. While his mother teaches their native tongue to locals of Polish decent, Janek struggles with a new language and an alien landscape—and begins to adjust to 11-year-old Marcia, with whom he experiences the joys of childhood and the woes of impending adulthood. His filmmaker father captures the young friends’ innocence and the beauty of their shared experiences. Program copresented with Ambulante and Cinema Tropical. 56 min.

¡Vivan las Antipodas! 

2011. Germany/Argentina/Netherlands/Chile. Directed by Victor Kossakovsky. This magnificent, poetic documentary looks at some of Earth’s antipodal pairs—locales at exact opposite ends of the globe: Rios, Argentina, and Shanghai, China; Russia’s Lake Baikal and Patagonia in Chile; Miraflores, Spain, and the beach at Castle Point, New Zealand. Kossakovsky turns his camera a kaleidoscopic 180 degrees between each site. Copresented with True/False Film Festival. 108 min.

Mexican films, “El Lugar más pequeño” (The Tiniest Place), directed by Tatiana Huezo Sanchez, and “Polvo” (Dust), directed by Angela Regianto, were also selected for the festival.

A full program for Documentary Fortnight is available on MoMa’s website.

Here’s a clip from “¡Vivan las Antipodas!” (Long Live the Antipodes!).

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