New Astro Video Banned From Youtube

By 07 February, 2013

Have these guys changed their name to Asstro or what? Because the new video from Chilean popsters Astro is one of the biggest ass marathons we’ve ever seen. There’s hairy asses, cellulite asses, old asses, Astro asses, and so many more. In fact, there doesn’t even seem to be one scene that doesn’t involve an ass. And it seems that they may well have gone past Youtube’s quote of acceptable asses, as the video got kicked off the media site just a few hours after appearing. Maybe there was just one hairy ass too many. Thankfully, Vimeo has no ass quota though, and is still more than happy to show the video, which is below in all it’s glory.

“Panda” is the third single from the near perfect self-titled second album from Astro. You can download “Panda” from here and watch the video below:

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