New Lucas Santtana Album + Video

By 20 June, 2011

Sem Nostalgia, an album Lucas Santtana released in Brazil in 2009, will be made available to the rest of the world this August. The album pushed Brazilian music’s boundaries so much on it’s release that it still sounds as if it was made yesterday. As an early taster we have the video for “Super Violão Mashup”, which will be the lead single for the album.

Sem Nostalgia will be released by Mais Um Discos, and will be their second release after the life-changing Oi! A Nova Musica Brasileira!, which was released last year.

On his fourth album, Santtana offers up a hymn to the guitar, with delicate folk ballads sitting alongside pulsing riffs that sound like computer game soundtracks, wilfully experimenting with sound while also mapping out timeless melodies. Somehow the mix between modern society with it’s constant thrum and the space of the natural environment, none so grand than that of Brazil, is able to sit side-by-side in an album that still remains a singular release in modern Brazilian music.

“Super Violão Mashup” will be released as a 7″ on 25th July, with Sem Nostalgia following in August. Check for the latest news.

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