Norte Sonoro: Exploring The Sounds of North Mexico

By 11 April, 2012

A brand new project exploring the sounds of “el Norte de México” has united some of Latin America and the USA’s finest producers. Algodón Egipcio (Venezuela), Chancha Vía Circuito (Argentina), DJ Rupture (USA), Helado Negro (Ecuador/USA), Mumdance (UK) y White Rainbow (USA) were all invited to Monterrey, México in November 2011 for Norte Sonoro, a series of residencies and festivals, resulting in two brand new EPs.

While in Mexico all the artists mentioned above worked in the studio with Toy Selectah (México) using the sounds of cumbia, canto cardenche and variants of música norteña to compose new material. The product of the sessions being Norte Sonoro EP 1 and Dormido En La Silla, the second of which being an EP only containing songs from Helado Negro. He enjoyed the project so much he ended up writing a whole EP of material!

You can listen to both of these EPs below. Special congratulations have to go to Algodón Egipcio for what we think is one of the best things he’s ever done, as well as Helado Negro for keeping the work ethic and quality going with these releases. We’re hoping that since the EP has the suffix “1” there will be plenty more where this came from.

Download Norte Sonoro EP 1


Download Dormido En La Silla


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