NYC’s Grupo Descarrilao’s ode to Trump: ‘Bully’

By 20 October, 2016

There’s no dancing around the issue: the United States Presidential election has reached a level of ridiculous that can only be compared to reality TV. But while having two of the most disliked and distrusted candidates in the country’s history makes for wonderful monologues on late-night television, the fact remains that Donald J. Trump has used language that is truly dangerous when talking about many groups: Latinos, African Americans, Muslims, prisoners-of-war, etc.

Well, New York City salsa rockers, Grupo Descarrilao (which translates to band off the rails), has a message for the bombastic Republican candidate with their new track, “Bully,” which offers this powerful chorus:

“No vas a ganar / porque aquí estamos unidos
consiente de la mierda que has vendido
chino, indio, negro, blanco, y latino / Musulman, Cristiano, y judío”

Translation: “You’re not going to win because here we’re united
conscious of the shit you’re selling
Chinese, Indian, black and white / Muslim, Christian and Jewish”

Watch the band’s video, featuring a Trump effigy, below. And follow Grupo Descarrilao, who perform regularly around New York City, here.

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