Orkesta Mendoza to Star at Wahaca’s Day of the Dead

By 27 October, 2016

It may conjure up connotations of a particularly incapacitating post-party hangover, but Wahaca’s Day of the Dead festival looks set to be the teeming life-blood of London’s 2016 nocturnal calendar.

The Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is a Mexican feast day honouring deceased family and friends, traditionally celebrated around November 1st each year.

Held in the Vaults tunnels, this year the Mexican restaurant chain has rustled up a lavish spread of live performances, life-drawing, street food, cocktails, Lucha Libre, immersive theatre and DJ sets from the likes of Movimientos’ Cal Jader.

Also heeding the distant call of the desert, the festival features a one night only performance from Orkesta Mendoza ahead of their UK tour next year. Emerging from the wild, arid Mexican borderlands, this Tucson (Arizona) collective peddle a rambunctious mélange of cumbia, psychedelia, electronica, mambo, rancheras and mariachi.

Headed by Sergio Mendoza, a current member of south-western music legends Calexico, the group’s second album ¡Vamos A Guarachar! released in October 2016, looks set to kick up a furious (dust) storm.

With mescal and tequila flowing like the Rio Grande, this undoubtedly promises to be London’s answer to a Mexican fiesta to die for.

Day Of The Dead

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