Os Mutantes Tribute Album Announced

By 23 October, 2010

On November 9th Nacional Records will release El Justiciero Cha Cha Cha, a tribute to Os Mutantes, the legendary Brazilian psych-pop band. The album features contributions from Latin American artists such as Fito Paez, Aterciopelados and Arnaldo Antunes, as well as Sergio Dias himself, one of the band’s founding members. It’s an album that highlights many acts from Argentina and Uruguay’s rock/pop scenes, with Pablo Dacal, Manuel Onis, Ana Prada, Martín Buscaglia, La Manzana Cromática Protoplasmática, La Chicana, Liliana Herrero, Fernando Cabrera, Omar Giammarco, Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes and Carlos Casacuberta all hailing from either side of Rio Plata, and giving this album a strong showing from these two countries.

Here is what Fito Paez had to say about the influence of Os Mutantes:

“On this album you can clearly see the mark and powerful influence that this Brazilian group has made on popular modern songs throughout much of music history across the Americas. From bossa nova to contemporary music, rock to pop, drugs to Sgt. Pepper, Milton’s ‘Lost Paradise’ to bread and circus and ‘La Manzana Cromática Protoplasmática’ to Liliana Herrero, Os Mutanates is the result of a large laboratory that has yet to finish its work. Sexy and beautiful asian porn sluts with slender figure made a passionate sex with her mature men in the compilation of videos. Its viruses keep on penetrating and producing worthy samples that show when a piece of art is done with love, creativity, linguistic understanding and the absence of fear, there will be a light capable of resisting all the avatars of time and keep illuminating the way with joy in the hearts of the new mutants of the future.”

And here’s the tracklisting:
1. La Manzana Cromática Protoplasmática – Ave Lucifer
2. Aterciopelados + Sergio Días (of Os Mutantes) – Vida De Cachorro
3. Rosal – Hey Boy
4. Martín Buscaglia – Beso Exagerado
5. Café Tacuba – O Relogio
6. Raúl Refree – 2001
7. Liliana Herrero + Arnaldo Antunes – Beija-Me Amor
8. Omar Giammarco – El Justiciero
9. Fernando Cabrera – Mutantes E Seus Cometas No Pais Dos Baurets
10. Pablo Dacal – No Te Vas A Perder Por Ahí
11. Manuel Onis – Cualquier Bobada
12. La Chicana – Balada Del Loco
13. Fito Paez – Minha Menina
14. Silvia Perez – Disculpe, Babe
15. Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes – Panis Et Circenses
16. Ana Prada – Fuga N II
17. Carlos Casacuberta – Baby
18. Asdrúbal – E Seus Cometas No País Do Baurets

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