Rehegoo Music Group and Quincy Jones Productions Launch Global Record Label for “Bedroom Artists”, Extending its Talent Search to Latin America

By 30 April, 2019

With the dawning of the digital age, the music industry transformed. In the past, musicians would have to pack their bags and move to Hollywood in hopes of getting discovered. Talent scouts would scour lounges, concert halls and night clubs, searching for the next big star.

Things have now changed. Recording equipment is affordable, software is accessible and easy to use, and musicians are creating fully-produced albums at home. Record Labels have instant access to worldwide talent at their fingertips, as these “bedroom artists” upload content at lightning speed from the comfort of their couches. As a result, record labels have reinvented the way they discover, market, and sell music. Even Quincy Jones, who fathered the careers of such stars as Will Smith, John Legend, and Michael Jackson, has digitalized his talent search.

Thus, Q&R Music, LLC, was born. Quincy Jones Productions has joined forces with Rehegoo Music Group to open a new record label that extends its reach to all corners of the globe, with Latin America an important part of the picture, taking advantage of this new digital age of music.

“I’m incredibly fortunate to have traveled the world for nearly seven decades and worked with some of the best of the best in every genre, and it is without a doubt, that there is untapped talent in nearly every facet of this planet.” Said Quincy Jones, “So, it makes my soul smile to be able to join together with Rehegoo Music, through our new joint venture, Q&R Music, to help provide these beautiful talents with a platform to share the music they create.”

The label will make its Latin American debut with a talent search among the Central and South American music communities. As several of Rehegoo Music Group’s most successful artists hail from Colombia and Brazil, they are anticipating that many more Hispanic musicians will be able to grab the spotlight through Q&R Music.

“Our plan is to always be one step ahead of the industry” says Mattia Esposito, COO of Rehegoo Music Group, “Not only do we aim to discover talent from around the world, but we are reshaping the way we promote our artists, to meet the demands of online consumerism. The internet is the world’s number one source of entertainment these days.”

The official launch of the new label, Q&R Music, LLC, will take place on May 1st 2019 with offices in LA, New York, and London.

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