Soema Montenegro Raising Funds for New Album

By 17 July, 2014

Soema Montenegro is undoubtedly one of our favourite Latin American singers, an Argentine artist that lives up to the Mercedes Sosa comparisons. In 2011 we fell in love with her second album, Passionaria, and the chances are we will do the same for her next record, Ave del Cielo.

The only thing is, Soema is looking for some help to independently release the record. She has been busy recording the album over the previous months, but now needs some help to master and mix the record, as well as pay for the album artwork and marketing the record. These may seem like little things, but when you’re releasing a record independently these costs add up. Which is why the singer has launched a fundraising campaign to pay for the costs. Those who help out will receive all kinds of perks, from intimate performances from Soema herself, to entry to concerts for 10 friends, to copies of the new album and her previous works.

There are lots of great perks on offer, so if you would like to help this more-than-worthwhile project and receive an amazing gift in return just go over to the fundraising campaign here and get involved. You can watch a trailer for the fundraiser below:

Here’s a sneak preview from the album:

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