South America’s Electronic Labels Release Compilation In Support of the Amazon and its Indigenous Communities

By 25 September, 2019

Three of South America’s most forward-thinking electronic music labels have joined forces to release Mamazonia: Odes to the Forest – Vol​.​1, a compilation to raise money for the Amazon and the indigenous communities who are being threatened by its current destruction.

Voodoohop, Shika-Shika and Tropical Twista Records are all responsible for the album, which brings together 15 tracks from artists affiliated with them, such as Xique Xique, Psilosamples, Bliz Nochi, Mȁ̲̠̻ͥ̾ra͔̥̩̾͊̑cuyá͊ and Peter Power. Discussing the reason for releasing the album, as well as a forthcoming Volume 2, Voodoohop have said:

Sometimes it takes something as tragic and catastrophic as photos of the majestic, beautiful Amazon on fire to shock the world into action. Like many we have all been asking ourselves, what can we do? What difference can any of us make up against a government in bed with some of the country’s most powerful businessmen, set on destroying one of the most incredible, biodiverse and important natural wonders on our planet for greed, quick money and self-interest?

The album is free to download on Bandcamp, though donations are encouraged, with any money raised going towards IEB and Kanindé, two charities working with indigenous communities in the Amazon.

Mamazonia: Odes to the Forest – Vol​.​1 is available from Bandcamp

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