Susana Baca is Peru’s New Minister of Culture

By 01 August, 2011

Susana Baca is a Grammy winner, lets start here. I believe, aside of her talent, it’s her passion and devotion for the studies of Afro Peruvian culture that have taken her to other levels of musical stardom. She is a teacher by trade and a teacher to many other artists as well as peers and fans.

I strongly believe that Susana will use her advantages as an artist as well as her experience in the studies of her own culture to enhance the credibility of our country’s hospitality manners, epecially in Lima, our Capital.

Ruben Blades is a great example of an artist becoming a politician. I would love to see Susana meet with Ruben and talk about the possibilities that our country can gain by sharing the riches of it’s culture, not only Afro Peruvian, but the entire nation which is divided into 3 regions, Coastal, Andes and Jungle. There is so much talent, tradition, foods and so many ways to explore the country that have not had the opportunity to share their beauty.

Another task is to get more North Americans to the region, to visit Perù overall. It’s always been the Europeans and Asians. Ironically on the 24th July 1911 the discovery of Machu Picchu was by an American archaeologist by the name of Hiram Bingham.

There couldn’t have been a better candidate than Susana, her diversity and knowledge of history will open new doors for the Afro Peruvian community in Cañete and Chincha, where she was born. Lima, where she resides, will be a more appreciated destination than just a stop to the major sites in Perù. The riches of our culture also lives in the Metropolitan territory of our capital. I believe Susana will bring the best of all 3 regions of Perù for the World to Experience.

Susana is Perù.

Photos by Renz De Madrugada (Copyright Listen Recovery, 2009). They were taken at the “Teatro Japones Peruano” in Lima, Perù, November 19, 2008. (Susana had not been in Perù for 6 years)

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