Sussurros e Escarros release compilation of shoegaze from Brazil and beyond

By 19 July, 2011

The Brazilian blog Sussurros e Escarros has just released a new compilation entitled The Shoegaze Collective Sounds collecting an assortment of fine shoegaze bands. It’s strange to think how much people in England hated the term ‘shoegaze’ when it first emerged in the late 80s, and how much some people have now latched onto it. So much so, that much of this music which could be termed indie or New Wave or post punk is actually referred to simple as shoegaze.

Here’s the tracklisting for the compilation. The download link and some videos follow.

01 Stellarium “Any Day Is Fine”
02 Lautmusik “Invisible Shield”
03 Spell 336 “Tears Of Sky”
04 Loomer ” All Gone”
05 Drowner “Chime”
06 Asalto Al Parque Zoologico “Breeze”
07 Data Unit “For Your Smile”
08 93 Million Miles From The Sun “July Sky”
09 Starfire Connective Sound “Acid Morning Ride”
10 Stellarscope “Still Standing”
11 Transmission ” Missing”
12 Chatham Rise “In Skies”
13 Screen Vinyl Image “Slipping Away”
14 Bela Infanta “Refratário”
15 Autumn’s Grey Solace “Gondwanaland”
16 Lavalsa “She Floats”
17 Morpheme “Stratosphere”
18 Acaena Eterna “Michelia”
19 Herod Layne “Prelude For Anticipation”
20 [aftersun] “Old Dreams Are Not Innocent”
21 Her Vanish Grace “Countdown”
22 The Tamborines “Come Togheter”
23 Curchilhill Garden “Lost Vocal Version”

Download the compilation at Sussurros e Escarros.

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