Ângelo Rosário ["Pulsação" (Pulsation), Aruma-Sandra de Berduccy and Mangtxay Camacã Imboré]

The British Academy’s Summer Showcase to Feature ‘Electronic’ Indigenous Art from Brazil

By 18 June, 2019

Indigenous artists from Bolivia and Brazil will be in London this week to exhibit 3D electronic/digital art as part of the British Academy’s Summer Showcase. The event, which happens every year, is billed as a “free festival of ideas for curious minds” and this year will feature an exhibition of works by indigenous Brazilian communities, led by the indigenous Brazilian artist Mangtxay Camacã Imboré, and Bolivian artists Aruma (Sandra de Berduccy) and Óscar Octavio ‘Ukumari’, both of whom worked with Brazilian communities for this project. Their exhibition will be one of 15 exhibitions at the Summer Showcase over two days (June 21st and 22nd).

A voz do mar” (The Voice of the Sea), Óscar Octavio ‘Ukumari’ and the Pataxó de Barra Velha community. Photo: Thydêwá Archive

Their exhibition will be made up of two installations: “Pulsação” (Pulsation) by Aruma-Sandra de Berduccy and Mangtxay Camacã Imboré, and “A voz do mar” (The Voice of the Sea) by Óscar Octavio ‘Ukumari’ and the Pataxó de Barra Velha community. Highlights of the exhibition, which shows how indigenous art could manifest itself with the use of ‘digital’ or ‘electronic’ elements, will include a contact-sensitive fishing net that recreates an ocean soundscape when touched; interactive projections of indigenous body painting motifs; a cocoon-like structure that illuminates in time with the rhythm of your pulse; and a communicable earthenware pot that responds with indigenous songs and stories. There will also be the opportunity to interact with the artists, who will be present to exhibit their work.

You can read more about the exhibition at the British Academy’s website with this essay by the curator Dr Thea Pitman.

More details of the event at thebritishacademy.ac.uk/events/summer-showcase-2019

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