The Sounds of Pernambuco are coming to London!

By 26 May, 2011

This June three bands from Brazil’s sunshine state of Pernambuco will be coming to London as part of the Blaze festival. This is the chance to catch to see a side of Brazil’s music that doesn’t normally come to these shores!

Sounds of Pernambuco unites three bands from Brazil; Eta Carinae, Fim de Feira and Rivotrill, all of which reflect the diverse music scene in Pernambuco. It’s true to say that the most vibrant music scenes in Brazil are in São Paulo, Salvador and Pernambuco. Rio de Janeiro does not make the top three.

So, who are these bands? Eta Carinae are a rock band with a pyschedelic twist, a little bit like Nacao Zumbi at their most tribal! Fim de Feira represent the party band with solid grooves and songs that everyone knows (at least if you’re from the Northeast of Brazil that is!) and Rivotrill are a jazz-rock fusion who remind me personally of Jethro Tull, but then bands with lead flute players often do!

The bands will be playing XOYO on Sunday 19th June. For more information click here.

Here they are in action:

Eta Carinae – Olhando Pro Céu

Fim de Feira – Sina De Passarinho

Rivotrill – Chuva Verde

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