Thought-Provoking Latin American Films at East End Film Festival

By 02 June, 2016

East End Film Festival is coming back this year with an exciting and rich 11-day programme to celebrate the work of some of the best international and local cinematic talents. Among the highlights, we have come across a selection of promising Latin American films.

Emiliano Rocha Minter’s first feature-length We Are the Flesh (originally released as Tenemos la Carne) is an exploration of power and rebirth through the struggle of two siblings while they wander around in a ruined city in search of food and shelter. With the support and endorsement of acclaimed Latin American film-makers Alejandro González Iñárritu, Alfonso Cuarón and Carlos Reygadas, We Are the Flesh is without doubt a must-see film.

Transit Havana, directed by Daniel Abma, documents Cuba’s sexual revolution under the leadership of Fidel Castro’s daughter, Mariela Castro, following the transsexuals Odette, Juani and Malú who are waiting for genital surgery.

The East End Film Festival will take place from 23rd of June to 3rd of July. For the full line-up:

Watch here the trailer of We Are the Flesh:

And here is the trailer for Transit Havana:

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