WOMEX Announces Film Programme for Upcoming Expo in Finland

By 17 September, 2019

An intriguing selection of films focused on Latin American music have been announced as part of the next WOMEX, the renowned world music meet-up that will be happening in Tampere, Finland from 23rd until 27th October.

The film programme – which focuses on films documenting music from around the globe – forms just one element of WOMEX, with music showcases, a conference, trade fair and talks, all focusing on the world’s many different forms of music, constituting the other elements. Across three days of the expo (24th-26th October) a number of interesting films will showcase Latin America’s many musical monuments.

Bruno Murtinho’s Amazonia Groove, Ana Rieper’s Clementina and Thiago Mattar’s Taking Iacanga will all focus on Brazilian music, with Amazonia Groove offering an exploration of the Amazon and the many different styles of music that have emanated from the region, Clementina a portrait of the important Afro-Brazilian folk singer Clementina de Jesus and Taking Iacanga offering an in-depth look at Brazil’s ‘Woodstock’, the legendary ‘Águas Claras’ music festival that took place in the 70s and 80s.

¿Que Vola?, from director Vladimir Cagnolari will focus on the French jazz septet of that very same name. With three Cuban percussionists, ¿Que Vola? are currently making waves (as detailed in our review of their last album) and this film will offer a timely portrayal of the group.

Other films mapping stories of music and musicians around the world include Sufi, Saint & Swinger from Colombian director Andres Borda and British-Chinese director/producer Camilla French, which tells the unusual story of Dr Lloyd Miller and his often-politicised relationship with Iranian music.

To see the full film programme for WOMEX 2019 click this link. To find out about everything else happening at the expo visit womex.com

Here is a list of all the films showing as part of WOMEX 2019, in alphabetical order, along with any film-makers in attendance:

  • A Bright Light- Karen & the Process by Emmanuelle Antille (Switzerland, 2018)
  • All on a Mardi Gras Day by Michal Pietrzyk (USA, 2019)
  • Amazonia Groove by Bruno Murtinho (Brazil, 2018)
    **Director Bruno Murtinho and producer Leonardo Edde attending**
  • Anorac by Gruffydd Davies (UK, 2018)
  • Clementina by Ana Rieper (Brazil, 2019)
  • For the Love of Music in Georgia – The Paliashvili Music School in Tbilisi by Marita Stocker (Germany/Georgia, 2018)
  • Indus Blues by Jawad Sharif (Pakistan, 2018)
  • I Snuck Off the Slave Ship by Lonnie Holley & Cyrus Moussavi (USA, 2018) **Director/ Record Label co-founder Cyrus Moussavi attending **
  • Nightingales in Berlin by Ville Tanttu (Finland/Germany, 2019)
    **Musicians David Rothenberg & Sanna Salmenkallio attending**
  • Que Vola? by Vladimir Cagnolari (France, 2018)
  • Sarabande by Kaltrina Krasniqi (Kosovo, 2018)
    **Director Kaltrina Krasniqi attending**
  • Sufi, Saint & Swinger by Camilla French & Andres Borda (Colombia/UK, 2018) ** Director Andres Borda, producer Abbas Nokhasteh and musician Dr Lloyd Miller attending**
  • Shella Record: A Reggae Mystery by Chris Flanagan (Canada, 2019)
  • Small Island Big Song Visual Album by Tim Cole (Australia/Taiwan, 2019)
    ** Director Tim Cole & producer BaoBao Chen attending **
  • Taking Iacanga by Thiago Mattar (Brazil, 2019) ** Director Thiago Mattar and producer Deborah Osborn attending**
  • Wahenga (The Ancestors) by Amil Shivji & Rebecca Corey (Tanzania, 2018)
  • While You Live, Shine by Paul Duane (Ireland, 2018)

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