Do Amor — Perdizes

By 19 September, 2010

There are two reasons for posting this song. Actually there are three. The first, obviously, is because it is a great, great song that all of you people should listen to. You really should! Okay, on the original two reasons. It is one of the songs featured on Oi! A Nova Musica Brasileira!, a compilation by Mais Um Discos, which was officially released on September 13th. We were lucky enough to get an earlier copy of the compilation, and it has given us copious amounts of enjoyment over the summer, not to mention led us on to a whole world of new Brazilian music that could have been very hard to find out about without their help! The last reason for posting this is because we have now had a chance to listen to Do Amor‘s debut album in full (from which this song is pulled) and the long and short of it is that people really need to be getting into this record. The band are already semi-legendary on the Brazilian underground, playing with Caetano Veloso, Nina Becker, Jonas Sá, Rubinho Jacobina and Lucas Santtana among others, as well as managing the feat of popularity in both their native Rio de Janeiro and Bahia. We will be reviewing the album very soon so watch this space. In the meantime, enjoy the majestic “Perdizes”:

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