Karakoram-Mekong is the new EP from Astro frontman Andrés Nusser

By 22 February, 2012

Astro‘s second album Astro was one of our favourite releases of 2011. It was an unabashadly “pop” album that also packed enough hooks, textures and ideas to keep us fascinated long after indulging in it’s initial catchiness. Now, Astro main man Andrés Nusser has released a solo EP, using his alter ego Karakoram (initial Googling points to this being the name of an Asian river).

At just four tracks, Karakoram-Mekong – to give the name of the EP – is just as playful and inventive as Astro, which is quite an achievement. At times, such as on “Historias Sucidas”, it plays with some heavier
textures, with that particular tune echoing the darker throb of Flaming Lips’ latest releases. In truth, it’s an EP that could have been a starting point for a new Astro album. By releasing it as a solo project you get the feeling that Andrés Nusser is a musician with a lot of creative energy, and that this release is simply a way of unleashing some of that.

You can listen to all four tracks from the EP below, with a link to download it below that. Enjoy!

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/32390243″ iframe=”true” /]

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/32390238″ iframe=”true” /]

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/32390240″ iframe=”true” /]

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/32390242″ iframe=”true” /]

Download the EP HERE

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