New Sounds of Latin America #1

By 16 May, 2011

Today we’re offering something a little different, and something which is going to be a regular feature on the site. Using the do-it-yourself music website that is we are going to be showcasing new artists every month that we feel you really should be listening to.

Our first instalment begins with Nancy Murillo a Colombian singer currently residing in Paris. Here she shows a real gift for authentically replicating some of the sounds of Colombia. She is followed by a new favourite in Kanaku & El Tigre, a great new indie band with a taste of Devendra Banhart, and then pilotocopiloto, another band from Lima. Their sound isn’t too far from that of the under-rated Ex-Chittle band from the US.

We have some Brazilian flavours from Monica da Silva, who currently resides in Brooklyn, Lia Sophia, who was born in French Guyana but grew up in Macapá in the North of Brazil, and Lexosset from Curitiba.

From Argentina we get two great tracks of dance music in the shape of “Soy El Control” by El Hijo de la Cumbia and a remix of a Tremor track by dub 13. Chile continues a rich vein of indie-pop form with the two tracks here by The Paintings and Denver, a band who we try and feature whenever we possibly can!

Many of these tracks were chosen because they had been placed in our drop box. If you want to have a chance of being included in the next instalment then please send us your music using the dropbox below:

send me your music on

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