Ragged Folk and Rock Combine on Jeremias el Emperador Galactico’s Debut Album

By 10 October, 2012

The debut album from Bahia Blanca’s Jeremias el Emperador Galactico is certainly an interesting listen, ranging between folk and rock, and hitting it’s finest notes when heading for a Neil Young-esque ragged glory. The album opener is the only major disappointment, “Expone Su Corazon”‘s unncessary guitar solo and needlessly-effected bass sounding too much like a bad 80s rock band, but following that things get really good. “Cipreses” mixes the ramshackle indie pop of Pavement with a grandiosity that makes a real impression. Now, we finally hear a real band shine through, and which continues to shine until the end of the disc.

“Aquel Viento Que Huye” is quality blues-rock in the style of Black Keys; “Mira Pabliten” retains that raw blues power but adds an extra boogie cug; the rugged guitar shapes and rumbling drums of “Clara” create a psych-rock epic with echoes of Quasi.

Things slow down for the last two tracks, but in that middle quartet of songs you’ll find more than enough to convince that this is a band with real raw power, and when sticking to simple riffs, sing-along choruses and untamed drums, one with real potential.

Listen to more Jeremias el Emperador Galactico at jeremiaselemperadorgalactico.bandcamp.com

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