South American folk rhythms meet electronica in Galambo’s Andakayo

By 05 December, 2011

Galambo is Chilean musician/producer Bryan Phillips. For this record he has teamed up with Argentinian producer The Peronist to produce Andakoyo, a fusion of native South American rhythms and modern electronica.

The record features Talo Pinto – a legendary folk musician and poet from Coquimbo, Chile – who recorded bandoneon, guitar and spoken word for the album. Also guesting is musicologist Jimmy Campillay, member of the Diaguita tribe, who was invited to record the natural sounds of his indigenous flutes.

What is quite unique about Andakoyo is the fact that every sound (expect for a couple of drum samples) was played and recorded live during one week on Coquimbo beach. Instrumentation ranged from mapuche trutrucas and tarkas from the Andes highlands to electric guitar and laptop sequencing.

Andakoyo has been released by La Sorra! Records. You can find out more about this release by checking out this interview with Galambo by DJ Rambl (The City Rises, 3RRR) for the Red Bull Music Academy.

Listen to a mix of the album below, as well as the teaser video:

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Listen to more Galambo at

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