The Owl Sings on New EP from El Buho

By 09 March, 2012

El Buho is a Glaswegian living in Amsterdam with a particular obsession with Latin American folk music. Crucially, this manifests itself on his new EP El Tecolote Canta in the best possible way, uniting those folk melodies with a bed of electronics and percussion. The results are narcotic, spititual and quite simply mesmerising.

According to the press release, the name of the EP comes from the saying “cuando el tecolote canta, el indio muere” (When the owl sings, the indian dies), related to the prehispanic belief in many Central American cultures that owls were a sign of death and that upon hearing the owl’s song, death was nearby. Considering the name of the artist here is El Buho (The Owl) we can only imagine his intentions when choosing his name!

The EP has been released by Antartek Records. You can read more about the release here

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You should also check out El Buho’s excellent A Guide to the Birds of South America release.

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