Tribal Beats Meet Street Rhythms & Sampling In Alpha Stronggah’s Spiritual Stoner EP

By 24 April, 2012

Spiritual Stoner EP is the new release from Alpha Stronggah, an alias of Santiago (Chile) resident Baltazar Solar. Perhaps better known in the Santiago scene for his Tecla de Oro moniker, Solar is an electronic musician who has continually experimented with urban styles stemming from reggae, hip-hop and Latin America, and this theme continues with the Spiritual Stoner EP.

“Barrial Zudakim” is a clear highlight on the EP, a track that uses multiple vocal samples (including 2Pac) to create a dense, aggressive rhythic collage. “I&I Rimembah” is a lighter beast in comparison with synthesisers guiding the melody and texture of the song. Still though the urban flavours remain, almost becoming claustrophobic at times. Alpha Stronggah’s world of rap, Jamaican culture and electronic fuzziness is a truly exhilarating listen and a sign of the urban times.

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