Bixiga 70’s Latest Video is a Call to Arms for Equality in Brazil and the Rest of the World

By 09 June, 2017

Brazilian big band Bixiga 70 are back with a new track (purportedly from an upcoming 4th official album) and it is very much focused on the current political and social turmoil within Brazil. With perhaps the heaviest sound of any Bixiga 70 track we’ve heard, “Primeiramente” is a call for equality and human rights for Brazilians, and people from all other countries for that matter.

The video is directed by Eliza Capai and features footage taken mainly from recent protests in Brazil and around the world, before ending on the resistant image from 1989 of the man standing in front of a tank in the Tiananmen Square protests in China. Here’s what Bixiga 70 have to say about the song:

“‘Primeiramente’ is the result of a growing sense of dissatisfaction with the current political and social situation in Brazil and all over the world. It was inspired and it’s dedicated to the historical struggle to guarantee rights – regardless of class, color, gender, religion, ethnicity or party. This is our small contribution to the process of reflection on the moment in which we live.”

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