Dengue Dengue Dengue Release New Mixtape of the Peruvian Tropical Underground

By 22 August, 2014

Lima’s digital cumbia duo Dengue Dengue Dengue are rarely out of earshot these days. Their last album, La Alianza Profana, can be seen as a runaway success, setting-up the duo as one of the finest exponents of electronic cumbia in Latin America.

The key to Dengue Dengue Dengue lies in their ability to create something unique yet still familiar, using snippets of Peruvian shamans, darkly psychedelic synth lines and distorted cumbia rhythms alongside beats that reflect their place within the worldwide tropical bass scene. At times, their music even spills over into the more chart-friendly sounds of The Prodigy or UNKLE.

Felipe Salmon and Rafael Pereira, as the duo are called, are also hugely important within the tropical bass and digital cumbia scenes of both Lima and Buenos Aires, and recently put together a mix for Red Bull Music Academy to celebrate the first of these facts, bringing together classic cumbia bands and rock ‘n’ roll bands from Peru like Los Beltons, Zambo Cavero, Los Wembler’s De Iquitos and Ranil Y Su Conjunto Tropical, with the modern sounds of Sonidos Profundos, Animal Chuki, Elegante & La Imperial, as well as, of course, themselves.

Listen to the mix on Red Bull Music Academy.

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