‘En Orbita:’ The New Album by NYC’s Dilemastronauta y La Tripulación Cósmica

By 26 December, 2017

Dilemastronauta y La Tripulación Cósmica‘s new album En Orbita is sure to transport fans of psychedelic, Afro-Colombian inspired electronica to another universe.

Author and Peace & Rhythm record label co-owner Pablo Yglesias describes the record as a “wild nine-track trip through the inner rhythmic multiverse of drummer extraordinaire Andres Jimenez. Come along as they take you through fantastical worlds infused with tropical futurist vibes anchored by Afro-Colombian traditions,funk, blues, afrobeat, dub & electronica.”

We talked to Jimenez in late September about how his cosmic crew came together:

“I wanted it to be a platform where music from all over the world can be used for elements of creativity and ultimate inspiration,” he said.


The record is rife with psychedelic sounds, afro-Colombian rhythms, and beautiful horns (& the harmonica played by Jimenez’ M.A.K.U. bandmate, Isaiah Richardson Jr.).

Listen to the record on Bandcamp:

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