Fother Muckers call it quits!

By 22 April, 2011

Could it be true? Have the Fother Muckers really quit? It certainly seems that way. They were one of an assortment of bands to play at the recent Lollapalooza Chile, just released a new, and excellent, video but now seem to have signalled the end by issuing a farewell EP.

The EP, which is entitled Un EP Pascual and is credited to Entrega Tu Espíritu (Muerte a Los Fother Muckers) certainly seems to be the end sign. It’s a shame, for over eight previous album Fother Muckers have constantly offered new and refreshing ideas to the whole Chilean indie scene. At least with this last release they will be ending things on a high!

You can download their final EP for free at

And here’s their video to “Retorno a la Base”, which is the second single from their El Paisaje Selvaje album:

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