Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker present Bossa Nova and the Rise of Brazilian Music in the 60s

By 11 November, 2010

Does Gilles Peterson sleep? I’m not sure. For, as well as hosting a radio show, running a record label, producing Havana Cultura, DJing around the world and presumably actually listening to music at some point, he has now compiled, with the assistance of Stuart Baker (of Soul Jazz Records,) Bossa Nova and the Rise of Brazilian Music in the 1960s, a hardback book containing 100s of bossa nova LP covers, along with detailed historical and cultural asides to help understand what the records are all about and how Brazil’s bossa nova movement developed. Here’s how the publishers sum it up:

This is the first ever collection of bossa nova record cover artwork, featuring stunning modernist and revolutionary designs that were a reflection of the radical and exciting idealism of Brazil at the start of the 1960s. As Brazil developed into an urban society, with ‘apartment living’ and consumer goods, bossa nova projected an image that was modern, sophisticated and cool. This era of modernity and developmentalism was also heralded by the building of Brasília, the new capital city built deep in the country’s hinterland, designed by the radical modernist architect Oscar Niemeyer.

This book is a unique collection of the cover art of Brazilian bossa nova music, containing hundreds of record covers complete with a history of bossa nova, biographies and essays on many of the artists involved in the movement. To coincide with the book, there is also a separate CD album, ‘Bossa Nova and the Rise of Brazilian Music in the 1960s’, released on Soul Jazz Records.

This is the second time Peterson and Baker have worked together on publishing a book on KDP, the first time culminating in the delightful Freedom Rhythm & Sound: Revolutionary Jazz Original Cover Art 1965-83.

Bossa Nova: and the Rise of Brazilian Music in the 1960s: Original Cover Art of Brazilian Music can be bought HERE.

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