Guillermo Klein to release homage to Gustavo “Cuchi” Leguizamon on August 10th

By 06 August, 2010

Argentine pianist Guillermo Klein will be releasing Domandor De Huellas on August 10th. The album features 14 songs based on the work of Gustavo “Cuchi” Lequizamon, a legendary musician, composer, pianist and writer born in Salta, Argentina. He wrote many zambas, chacareras and vidalas (all traditional Argentinean folk styles), which Klein utilises on this release. There is something really infectious about these rhythms, as can be heard on this clip of “Coplas del Regreso”:

It will be the fourth record by Klein, a composer who spent much of the 90s in New York but has since returned to Argentina, while also spending some time in Spain. He remains respected in the New York jazz community, especially amongs critics and fellow musicians due to his complex time structures.

The album can be bought from Amazon

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