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High Plains Fascist: Crowdfunding Campaign for Franco’s Settlers Documentary

By 04 May, 2012

Lucía Palacios & Dietmar Post’s (Grimme Award winners) Franco’s Settlers (Spanish title: Los Colonos del Caudillo) is a proposed film about Franco’s vision for Spain, currently raising funds via the Spanish crowd-funding website Lanzanos.

For the authors and their supporters – Spanish actor Juan Diego Botto, musician Limpe Fuchs (formerly of Anima) and artist Daniel Richter, who produced art work for the film – the essence of the film is to replace the missing pages from the Spanish historical record and to inform people everywhere of the high price paid by those forced to stand cara al sol (facing the Falangist/Francoist sun) or leave their homeland forever (the post-civil war diaspora). A continuation of the story told in Paul Preston’s recent The Spanish Holocaust book.

The house that Franco built

Imagine three hundred “model” villages designed and built for people who would do as they were told. This is part of the Francoist legacy for Spain. The film focuses on one of them, Llanos del Caudillo (High Plains of the Fuehrer/Leader), high up on the Meseta in La Mancha – the same backdrop that once played host to that giant of Spanish culture, Cervantes and his characters Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.

Man and supine man

Franco’s Settlers explores the post-civil war culture by looking at what the new citizenship involved for these pioneers – “the new fascist man, anti-urban, anti-working class, who is tied to his land and devoted to the regime. A regime he owes everything to: house, land and work…under the control of the party.”

Funding history and knowledge

Raising funds via Lanzanos (see link below), Franco’s Settlers (produced by play loud!, is a bold attempt to set the record straight. What did Franco’s Spain do to its own citizens and why is it important that this story be told?

For further details on the film, its authors and the on-going crowd-funding campaign, see links below.

Crowdfunding Pages
ENGLISH: lanzanos.com/proyectos/loscolonosdelcaudillo/eng
SPANISH: lanzanos.com/proyectos/loscolonosdelcaudillo
GERMAN: lanzanos.com/proyectos/loscolonosdelcaudillo/deu

Official Page: playloud.org/francossettlers.html
Facebook Page: facebook.com/loscolonosdelcaudillo

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