New trailer for Ranil documentary as ‘Our Man In Iquitos’ gets its funding

By 31 October, 2010

It sometimes feels like a week doesn’t go by without someone informing me of a new Kickstarter campaign looking for $10,000 or $15,000. I often wonder whether they are going to make the leap. In the case of the campaign for Our Man In Iquitos: Independent Radio, Politics and Chicha in the Amazon, a documentary of Raul Llenera, i.e. the leader of Ranil y su Conjunto and a very interesting fellow indeed, I was really hoping they would reach their goal, as goddammit, I wanted to see this documentary. Well, they did it. The documentary will now start production thanks to the $13,344 they have raised. The documentary will be produced by Olivier Conan (of The Roots of Chicha compiling fame), directed by David Teague (Intifada NYC, Our House) and co-produced by Rachel Lears (Birds of Passage.) Here is the brand new trailer:

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