Ondatrópica Trailer Filmed in Discos Fuentes Studio Released

By 26 June, 2012

We’ve talked about Ondatrópica – the new project from Quantic and Frente Cumbiero – a lot lately so we don’t really want to repeat ourselves too much. So to sum things up quickly we’ll just say that Ondatrópica is the best new album of Colombian music we’ve heard in a very long time, and one that combines the finest of Colombia’s old and new musicians. The album will be released in July, with the band also playing gigs in London, New York, Berlin and other cities around that time and into August.

The big news we want to bring you today is this new video, shot in Discos Fuentes, featuring a performance of “Linda Manana” with Michi Sarmiento leading the way.

If you want to find out more about Ondatrópica see our article here or listen to some tracks here.

Here are the live dates for the band’s tour:

20/07/12 – The Hackney Empire, London, UK: bit.ly/JZvcYg
22/07/12 – BT River of Music, London UK: btriverofmusic.com
27/07/12 – The Lincoln Centre, New York, USA bit.ly/KtdT25
02/08/12 – Concorde, Brighton bit.ly/Kte1ik
03/08/12 – Dromo Festival, Oristano, Sardina bit.ly/Kte9hC
04/08/12 – House of World Cultures, Berlin bit.ly/Ktfdly

And you can find out more about Ondatrópica at ondatropica.com/en

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